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Affordable Payment Plans

At Birmingham Bail Bonds, we care about your Freedom. We finance large bonds with E-Z payment plans for 30 to 90 days, sometimes longer depending upon approval. Call and ask about our payment plans

Unfortunately in This Time And Age It Doesn't Take much to get in TROUBLE with the LAW. It can really happen to anyone, that's why you need a Bail Bonds Company that cares about your FREEDOM and Liberty. We have been around in this Business for many years and we know that in this Local economy not having all the MONEY to Post a Bond can be devastating. Not only is your loved one in Custody, but if they don't get Released soon they will most likely lose their employment, that's why we can help your loved one GET OUT Of Jail.

801 Richard Arrington Jr, Blvd N., Birmingham, Alabama, 35205, United States
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